Georgian Bay Coast Trail

Tentative Schedule

Trail building is a multi-step process that takes time. We’ve completed the first step, laying out a trail route with aerial photos. Currently and in coming years, we require ground crews to ensure that the route is in the best possible place and to collect onsite information. Once permits are approved, the trail can be built.

GBCT will continue to work with coastal communities to expand the route of the coast trail. We anticipate expansion of the route as follows:

Point Grondine Loops Research 2011 Build 2012 Operational 2015
Bayfield Inlet to Byng Inlet Research 2011 Build 2016 Operational 2017*
Byng Inlet to Key River Research 2012 Build 2015 Operational 2016*
Key River to Point Grondine Research 2013 Build 2016 Operational 2017*

* Timelines subject to approvals from agencies like MNR, DFO, available capital funding and partnerships